What can I expect?

What You Get!

Jive to South African Hit Music!
With an 8-Piece Live Band!

Riveting Stories About the Songs!
A Traditional South African Feast!
5-Star Reviews!

Go to our home page to see more details!

Will there be more shows?

Yes! About once per month. Go to our home page to see the date for the next show!

Does the cuisine cater for multiple dietary requirements, like non-omnivores and gluten sensitive etc. folk?

Indeed we do! Just state your requirements in the comment box in checkout.

Is alcohol sold at the event?

No. We do offer beer and wine as part of your ticket. But if you want to drink any spirits, please bring your own. AND your own glasses.

How long is the show?

About 2 hours, depending on how many encores you ask for!

How do I get to the venue?

On the homepage there is a QR code that you can photograph to get directions.

Will my car be safe?

Yes! We have car guards looking after the vehicles while you are cheering for an encore!

Can I take photos and videos of the show?

Sure you can, as long as you’re just using your mobile phone.

Book your Tickets ASAP!

You can book a private, exclusive show for you and your friends or colleagues, or you can buy tickets for our public shows.